Virginia Pérez is an interior designer who carries out comprehensive restoration projects under the name Virginia Pérez Interiorismo.

1. When did you first discover your passion for interior design?
I have been fascinated by interior design since a very young age as my mother is passionate about décor.
It's true that my academic path started out a little bit off track. Back then there were not nearly as many career opportunities as there are today, even though I wanted to study interior design, and as soon as I could, I did.

2. What type of service or field do you specialize in? What is your distinctive touch?
I specialise in the hospitality industry, i.e. restaurants and bars. I really like these types of projects because I can be more creative, as they offer plenty of freedom to design.
As for a distinctive touch, I don't think I have one in particular. I simply opt for more daring designs, I am not afraid to mix materials and colours, while maintaining colour order.
It is true, however, that I am not known for using neutral colours.

3. Can you tell us about any of your most recent projects? What has been your goal in each of them?
I am currently working on a complete refurbishment on a house in Son Vida, where design and decoration prevail.
This project is noteworthy because it possesses so much personality. We use black taps, a lot of wood and a wide range of totally different materials. The goal is to create a ''rough'' and masculine style, as requested by the client.

4. Talking about your creative process, what inspires you?
Mainly my inspiration and creativity process begin by talking and listening to the client, finding out what their tastes and desires are. Furthermore, I always keep the space involved in mind.

5. Which one of your projects is your favourite? Why?
Without a doubt, it has to be my project for the Ponderosa Beach restaurant located in Playa de Muro. I have been working with them for many years and we have a very personal and close relationship. They always put their trust in me as regards to their ideas and reforms, and they have a very special place in my heart.

6. Now that the year is coming to an end... What are the upcoming trends for next season?
Next season will see a mix of metals combined with lots of colour. Additionally, geometric elements and blending styles from different time periods will be fashionable. Taking the biggest risks will be trendy!

7. When it comes to materials, what are your Keragres must-haves?
I always work with Keragres on all my projects. I love the originality and distinctive touch that their materials bring to each space.
I would definitely keep their taps and hydraulic floors; they are so original!

8. Lastly, and to finish off, could you tell us what you have liked most about working with Keragres on your projects?

What I love about working with Keragres is the close and friendly relationship I have with them. They also have a wonderful team who provide the efficiency and professionalism that is sometimes so difficult to achieve in this sector. They always have a solution, no matter what you ask for.