1. How did AzulAzulete come into being?

The AzulAzulete team was formed by Emilio Martínez, interior designer and art director and Héctor Fernández, quantity surveyor and building engineer. At the beginning of 2004 we began our collaboration with the reform and modernisation project of a hotel in Teruel, which was the beginning of a long list of collaborative work, continuing with a chain of gyms, Activa Club in Jerez de la Frontera and later in Valencia.
Out of the various options for collaboration AzulAzulete was born, which we believe reflects our evolution in the work we carry out, since the blue of the Mediterranean is the one constant colour in our work, whether we are involved in new buildings, or reforming existing structures.

2. What is the daily focus of your studio? What do you look for in your projects?

In our work we look at solving the functional and esthetical problems of our clients, trying to respect the buildings in which we have become involved, by studying their characteristics and enhancing their existing values.
Although within our line of work our projects are very varied, we try to reflect the personality and needs of our clients, with all their idiosyncrasies. We can say that every time, as an added value to our work, we seek to meet or even exceed these needs, not only with aesthetic and acceptable solutions, but also by emphasising a comfortable distribution of interior space which can be adapted to the needs of the people who will live there.

3. Can you give us details of some of your latest projects?

Recently we have come into contact with various clients who have entrusted us with updating and adapting their hotels, such as you can see in our web - Aparthotel Castavi, Paraíso de los Pinos, La Masía or the hotels of the chain Uep! Hotels.

Here you can see how important it is in our work that we understand our clients and the vision of what they need, resulting in such various projects that we have just mentioned.

4. Who are your architects or interior designers of reference? Which of these inspire you!

There are many references who inspire us, from classical architects, to today's contemporary names, such as Marià Castelló.
And as for renowned interior designers, we can name, for example, Studio Tarruellatrench Barcelona, Francesc Rife, Pepe Leal, Patricia Urquiola, Rosa Violant, Luis García Fraile, etc.

5. What is your favourite architectural or interior design work?

For a building we have to name the restoration of the Caixa Forum building in Madrid. And for interior design, the gastronomic spaces of the National Restaurant in Barcelona.

6. What recommendation do you have for an individual who is going to make their home or residence in Mallorca?

The most important thing is to have a feel for where you are. Starting from there, it would be to connect yourself with the setting and enhance its strengths. We are in favour of timeless solutions such as using dashes of colour.

7. What trends of 2019 do you like to apply to your projects?

As we have said, our work is characterised by seeking timelessness, as we believe that a house is to be enjoyed for a long time and we don't normally go for passing fads, because that's just what they do – they pass, leaving us unhappy and discontented.

8. Finally, to finish, can you tell us what have you most liked about working with Keragres on your projects?

In our numerous collaborations with Keragres, we would like to highlight the great professionalism of the work and the efficient resolution of problems which can arise in every work whether over materials or delivery times. The friendly agreement and cooperative manner of the professionals who work there is very welcome - it's not easy to find in the current market and even less in Mallorca.