Natural creativity

Greenarea is an innovative vegetable decoration company, creative, versatile and committed to design. The project is born from our team's wish to introduce vegetable decoration in the urban landscape, improving our customers quality of life with different elements. Always with the green seal Made in Spain. Greenarea has been working for prestigious companies, having started its international expansion too. The synergy development that is being set up with designers, interior designers, architects and the rest of professionals of the sector makes it possible for us to develop green sustainable projects committed with society. With Greenarea, creativity and versatility walk hand in hand. Furthermore, Greenarea keeps a firm bet on color, supplying its clients with an extensive catalogue of colors with the aim of choosing the suitable decoration for each company or individual. With the pur- pose of searching innovation and product development, in the preserved vertical gardens, Greenarea plays with the combination of new plants to create different volumes, a fact that makes a difference in the sector. The projects and product lines in Greenarea are remarkable for their commitment and design distinction. The handmade manufacturing with natural products by using mosses, lichens and stabilized plants. The vertical gardens, its own designs and other objects such as trunks or natural vines, give a distinguishing touch to any decoration.