Keragres: Mallorca design day 2020 with a new interior design award

In line with our brand philosophy, this year, as we've done previously, we will support one of the most important events for creative talent.

As well as being a returning sponsor, we're excited to announce that this year there's a new category for interior design. The National Interior Design prize will be raising awareness for emerging designers as well as promotion sustainable creative activity.

Anyone who is a student, graduate or professional in interior design or architecture can make some noise for themselves by presenting their projects in the event. Applications are now open until 10th May and you can find out more info about Mallorca Design Day.

This year the event will be held at the Ramis Factory in Inca on 29th May. It is an ideal setting for the event as the city is famous for its footwear and textile industry as well as being the birthplace of some of the island's most famous brands. In previous editions, the event took place in just one day; however, some additional activities will be carried out in different parts of the island this year.

Keragres will be a sponsor for Mallorca Design Day for the third consecutive year so make sure you come and say hello!

The founder and director of the event, Raquel Arañón, announced this edition's theme is "save the sea". She has been a surfer for many years and also a contributor of the 2030 European agenda for sustainable development objectives. Although the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, this event will be the greenest Mallorca Design Day so far and will include support from an NGO that helps clean and protect the ocean from plastic waste.

Mallorcan designer Pilar Sarmiento was the winner of the fashion category for the first edition of Mallorca Design Day with her unique sustainable swimsuits made from recycled plastic. We hope she can inspire participants in this year's event to continue designing sustainable products that help the environment.

For those who want to find out more or present their project in the event, visit the official Mallorca Design Day website.