The health and safety of our clients and employee's is our highest priority.

The health and safety of our clients and employee's is our highest priority. In these difficult times it's important to stay calm and do what's right to ensure we all stay safe.

We wanted to let you know that business will operate as usual at Keragres, however we will be working remotely until further notice. In accordance to government regulations and best interest of public health, our offices and showrooms until we have an update from the government regarding the situation.
All client enquiries can now be made online by contacting us at the following address:
B2B services will continue by getting in touch with us via the usual contact.
We hope things will be back to normal soon, but in the meantime keep following our social media pages for further information and of course for some positive inspiration!

We wanted to lighten the mood a little so here's a list of things you could do whilst we're stuck at home...

1. Take a virtual class. Whether it's a learning another language, interior design or that new skill you've always wanted to take up and never found time. Keep learning and keep your brain active during these difficult times.
2. Get cooking – with extra time on our hands why not get creative in the kitchen and try some new recipes, you may surprise yourself!
3. Get to know your loved ones. Whether you live with your family, partner or housemates, spend some quality time with them. If you live alone, arrange a skype call with the ones most important to you so you don't lose touch with the outside world.
4. Do some exercise. It's important to keep our bodies fit whilst we spend more time than usual at home. Sitting all day isn't good for us so set yourself a routine, even if it's just 20 minutes a day.
5. Read – reading is good to disconnect, improve our literacy and keep our minds buzzing. Delve into that book you've not got around to reading yet.
6. Take a virtual tour of museums around the world. Many museums are offering free virtual tour during these difficult times so we can keep travelling and exploring! 
7. Order takeaway food and support your local restaurants. Many small businesses are going to struggle from this pandemic, but you can keep supporting them by ordering online and trying something different at home.
8. Learn to play an instrument. Always wanted to learn to play an instrument but never found the time? Now you have it!
9. Spring clean your house. There's always something to be done in our homes, whether its sorting out your clothes in the wardrobe or painting the office. Now there's no excuse!
10. Arts and crafts. Last but not least don't forget to keep your creative juices flowing. Get out those paints you haven't used in years or even just grab a pen and do some doodles on your notebook. The possibilities are endless!

How are you dealing with the quarantine due to COVID19? Do you have any more ideas for things to do at home to keep our creative juices flowing? We'd love to hear them.