MYTHAGE is born out of a solid ceramic tradition, conceived to offer its clients INTEGRAL CERAMIC SOLUTIONS, capable of covering architectural structures with a beautiful and functional skin to thrill us and enhance our quality of life.
In its quest, MYTHAGE accompanies professionals from the world of architecture and construction right through their creative process until their ideas take shape, offering solutions that are versatile and timeless, technical and aesthetic, all with the stamp of elegance and quality that comes with our products.
Because our ceramics are eternal, MYTHAGE has designed TIMELESS COLLECTIONS, a fusion of tradition and vogue, to create elegant, sophisticated and contemporary spaces designed to be a LEGACY OF STYLE. We take our inspiration from the serene, balanced beauty of nature, transforming woods, marbles, stones and metals into ceramic products with superior technical and aesthetic features.
Our collections evolve from this transformation of nature into ceramics, offering a variety of formats and the exclusive design of textures and reliefs, together with a carefully selected range of neutral and harmonious colours and tones. Materials, formats, textures and colours are the design tools MYTHAGE provides so its clients, by using its multiple combinations, can design their own lifestyle and, in sum, TURN CERAMICS INTO A WAY OF LIFE.