Now that summer has arrived, pools compete in their own way with the sea as the perfect way to combat the heat. We talked to Toni Genestra, managing director of Keragres, to see if there are any innovations in these lines, and the answer is that they are continuing to pursue new ideas in line with new projects.
Until recently gresite (blue mosaic tile) was the leading material installed in new pools, but now it must compete with other materials. "Gresite is an economic material, easy to install, which doesn't expand very much and gives very good results, especially for pools with curved shapes as it allows the design to be followed" explains Genestra. "But now most pools are linear, and if possible, many clients want to use the same material for the pool as is used for the solarium. In fact, sometimes we no longer build a rim around the pool – instead we use the same tile to make an overflow, so that the water in the pool is practically level with the ground, almost like an infinity pool" the managing director pointed out, stating that this gives the sensation of having a beach on the terrace.

"We use a lot of sand coloured tones in the tiles of the terraces, and if the pool is also sand coloured, the effect of the colour on the water is that of the turquoise of the beaches round Mallorca. What the client should be aware of is that, depending on the colour of the tiles in their pool, the water is shown in one colour or another. It should also be borne in mind that, by regulations of some localities, certain colours cannot be used for finishes", he explains.

Spas and bathrooms
In some of the spas, the options for hammams, saunas and Turkish baths, are increasingly in demand. The only difficulty is that there is not always enough space in a house in which to build them. However, Effegibi, with whom Keragres works, has a steam generator called Nuvola Smart Power, which can be installed anywhere. "The advantage is that if you have a shower, for example 1.6 x 0.9, which is not big enough for a sauna or a Turkish bath, you can install a steam generator inside this shower, which when an airtight screen is installed, the steam cannot escape and so is more efficient", explains Toni Genestra. In this way, now almost every house can have a spa.
Finally, talking about taps for bathrooms, the trend is towards coloured taps, with all bathroom accessories in black or in rose gold. An innovative form of design that breaks with the industry's usual iconic tone.