We are looking at a new year, working side by side with great interior designers, architects, construction companies and professionals who are already clear about the news that is coming in 2020.
Are you working to make your project the most current? Do not miss these trends:

1. Colors: Mint, Butterscotch, Blue Graphite, Bleached Coral, Merlot and Ash.
There are 6 colors that will illuminate our projects, which remind us of the warmth of the earth (Butterscotch) or the refreshing mint (Mint). The sea colors that came in 2019 with the Living Coral move to the Bleached Coral to deepen the blue and crystalline waters. Ash and Blue Graphite are also a transition from what in 2019 began to play in our projects and the Ash continues to combine very well with the marble finishes that have flooded houses, hotels and restaurants in recent years.

2. Curves are coming
Zaha Hadid left us a few years ago. The "curve architect" made the impossible possible by creating buildings of unsurpassed beauty. Great engineers accompanied her in her work developing her incredible structures at a time when carrying them out seemed impossible. Now it is the interior designers who step on hard in 2020 to bet on the beautiful curve in any corner, any detail. Furniture, sofas, moldings and mirrors harmoniously follow wonderful curves that will make us dream of more than one...

3. Large Format
It's a trend that goes in crescendo. And we confirm it already in the latest edition of Bologna (Cersaie 2019). The large format not only conquers pavements. Bathroom furniture made with a single piece of ceramics, furniture... Pure integration and harmony. Clean cut and purity. The large format of the pieces of many of the manufacturers that accompany us, offer various solutions for all spaces facilitating the creation of indivisible rooms as well as a sense of continuity. XXL sizes offer different architectural solutions and a characteristic avant-garde style.

4. Walls that speak
We have seen it in recent years. The vinyl papers have been perfected and the great advances in materials have allowed us to apply them in areas that a few years ago we would not have dared. Shower areas, kitchens, wet areas. Any corner can have that area covered with a beautiful motif that takes us to another dimension. But they are no longer just the papers. Moldings, ornaments, lamps... any element that we decide to project on a wall will be ideal to provide a new idea, a special touch. You can be an accomplice of a secret and/or tell us a story... and in 2020 the walls will "talk to us"!

5. Ecology and sustainability
Trend or not, we all know that it is in our hands to reverse the complicated current situation of our planet. In the "contract" sector, we can use materials, manufacturers and components that are environmentally friendly. Woods that have PEFC certification for sustainable forest management. These are some of the exemplary behaviors our brands commit to:
• Respect the highest possible energy efficiency during your daily work.
• Avoid unnecessary transport.
• Use important resources consciously and effectively.
• Select the most suitable raw materials for production.
• Completely renounce the processing of harmful agents.
• Comply with all relevant environmental regulations.
This together with the sustainable aesthetics of facades, walls, interior details... have come to stay. In Keragres, we are delighted to transmit that we will follow so that this trend accompanies us in 2020, 2021, 2022 ... and to infinity and beyond!