The exterior areas of our homes become the epicentre of family life during the warmest months of the year. And now, in the weeks running up to them, we have plenty of time to give this space a new look and turn it into our favourite summer gathering point following the latest summer 2019 trends. The aim is to be able to enjoy verandas, terraces and gardens at any time of the day or night, ideally employing materials that adapt to different needs. Not forgetting, however, to add that personal touch which will transform the space into a unique corner where part of our identity is revealed.

Natural materials. This year wood plays the leading role in outdoor flooring, as well as furniture made from natural fibres such as jute and cane, which may also feature metallic detailing. Macramé decorative elements are also popular when it comes to adding a more personal touch.

- Attention to detail. When merging interior and exterior spaces, the tendency this year is to choose small pieces and accessories in the same style, or with common elements. Fabrics which match the interior are a great idea, and they also add a splash of colour. That's why it's so important to pay close attention to even the smallest of details, as it can completely change the space: candles, garlands of fairy lights so you can dine under the stars, plants that fill the space with lush greenery, cushions... All of these elements breathe life into an area.

- Durable and comfortable flooring. The floor must be resilient and easy to look after, which is why composite flooring such as TimberTech® or ceramic flooring such as UnicomStarker, are always well received when it comes to terraces and other outdoor areas. It is also important that the furniture is just as resistant and comfortable. Practicality, which is not at odds with design, continues to be the trend this year, and terrace furniture is no exception to this rule. Therefore, as well as choosing furniture which reflects our style, we must not forget to be practical too: flooring and furniture that is resistant to changes in temperature, rain and harsh weather, as well as being easy to clean are ideal.

Show respect for the space. Just because a terrace is an open space does not mean that we can overload it. As in the rest of the rooms of the house, less is more as long as our needs are covered. That is why it is a good idea on small terraces to have the type of furniture that only takes up space when you want to use it, such as folding chairs and tables or small shelves adapted to the available surface area. However, if we have plenty of space, we can then take full advantage of this to create several terraces in one, each with a distinct atmosphere, playing with different types of materials on the floors: a chill out lounge, an outdoor dining room, a corner to relax and read in the sun...