Going back to nature, to the materials that connects us with the environment, has been one of the trending topics of this year. Natural stone is the perfect element to create an unique atmosphere since its strength gives a different approach and personality.

The versatility of this material, which we can find in different shapes, is another one of its advantages. A good example of it is Anjasora, a company collaborating with Keragres which has one of the best catalogues in the market, including stones combined with decorative glass, mosaics and backlit flexible stone cladding among others.

The options of natural stone and its derivatives are multiple and it can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and of course, exteriors. We just have to find its fitting approach and to use it.

Walls, furniture, countertops, floors...

One of the trends regarding bedrooms this year has been walls with natural stone. Choosing one of them to be coated with stone and combining it with a wooden ceiling is the perfect way to create a sophisticated yet pretty rustic atmosphere.

Regarding kitchens, countertops are still the main ally of natural stone, just like living rooms, floors and walls, they fit perfectly. Bathrooms can offer more possibilities, stone being present in the shower area, bathtub, the sink and even the washbasin cabinets can ve decorated with lava stone for example.

If we talk about exteriors, stone is queen on each surface, adapting to the ground and facades pretty easily.

Trends of the moment

What novelties have we found this year on the market? Its quite a long list, but original marble pieces with unique designs and gold inlays have reached the trend's top of the list, giving space a unique and sophisticated touch. Way behind are left monochromatic and smooth surfaces. The way to go now is for a natural surface approach.

Color wise, dark tones predominate and also earth like colors, we saw it when Pantone chose Living Coral as the top choice for 2019. Nevertheless, the king of marble, white marble, continues to reign despite other tone competitors. Even though in the past it was strictly used in big mansions and palaces, its reinvented itself and is being used in homes to stylize space. A classic adapting to new times.